MTV Artist To Watch: twenty | one | pilots

Meet twenty | one | pilots: masters of the piano-back flip.

We have so many questions for Columbus' twenty | one | pilots. First, why the breaks in their name? Why all the masks? If they had to classify themselves as a single genre, what would it be? These are the first of many questions that surface regarding the multifaceted, multi-genred duo -- between drummer Josh Dun and lead singer Tyler Joseph, the pair manage to create a sound that is neither here, nor there, not rock and not pop, DEFINITELY kinda hip-hop, but also twenty | one tries at everything else on the spectrum. Feeling confused yet? Not to worry -- TOP's quirky brand of pop-meets-hip-hop-meets-rock-meets-hardcore may sound complex, but it only takes one live viewing to know that all those loose ends are immediately tightened up once TOP hit the stage.

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Old friends from high school, the guys got their start by self-releasing two full-length albums and built a major Midwest following with a subsequent deluge of energetic shows (the guys have been known to backflip off pianos mid-show, and that certainly doesn't hurt visibility). Now signed to Fueled By Ramen (also home to Paramore!), TOP have since released a Three Songs EP and now a third full-length album, Vessel.

Produced by Greg Wells (who also worked with Adele), Vessel features punchy, hard-hitting, melodic ditties like "Holding On To You" and "Guns For Hands" (which you can download here!), tracks that channel Matt & Kim's cheer-punk attitude, the Beastie Boys' shouting hip-hop vocals, and Eminem's fast-talking nasal bark. You can even hear a little Ben Folds Five in TOP's piano-infused beats (before the vocals kick in, obvs), while Vessel's "Migraine" kicks off with a vocoded ELO vibe.

Now one of MTV's Artists To Watch for 2013, the rock-rap-tronica duo (See? We tried to classify them) recently performed at MTV's "Artist To Watch" showcase, where they rolled out a teeming set of pop-core anthems, onstage gymnastics, ‘90s R&B covers, and Blue Man-esque side-by-side drumming.

In addition to preparing to become the biggest band in the world, twenty | one | pilots are currently touring the U.S. through February -- catch them before they hit Japan and South Korea in March! There might even be some backflips in it for you.

+ Watch twenty | one | pilots perform "Car Radio" and "Guns For Hands" live at NYC's Highline Ballroom, and check out more of MTV's 2013 Artists To Watch.

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen