Kim Petras (Formerly Tim) Becomes World's Youngest Transsexual Pop Star

German teen Kim Petras recently experienced two major changes in her life. She signed with Joyce Records last year and released her first single, "Last Forever," which became a YouTube and MySpace hit.

However, making even bigger headlines last month was the news that she had completed her final phases of gender reassignment surgery, permanently transitioning from Tim to Kim. At 16, Petras is now acknowledged as the world's youngest transsexual.

Kim, who is now studying fashion design, began calling herself a girl when she was just 2 years old. She began hormone replacement therapy at 12, and by 14 she was officially registered as a girl. Kim told British tabloid The Sun, "I was asked if I feel like a woman now, but the truth is I have always felt like a woman. I just ended up in the wrong body."

In Germany, such operations are not usually allowed until the patient is 18 but Kim, with the support of her parents, convinced doctors when she was 12 that she should have the surgery.

In a recent MySpace blog post, Kim thanked all her fans "for all their support."