Crazy Steve And Mindy From 'Drake & Josh' Started A Band With A Very Appropriate Name

And we can't wait to listen

UPDATE (6/22/16, 1:15 p.m. ET): Nice Enough People have released their debut EP, Hanover Hideaway.

Drake & Josh, the classic Nickelodeon show from Dan Schneider, may have ended in 2007, but the show's memory is still alive and kicking thanks to its awesome cast. Not only was there recently an epic reunion with Drake Bell and Josh Peck on Peck's show, Grandfathered, but we've just learned that two beloved characters from the series have started a band together.

Jerry Trainor (Crazy Steve) and Allison Scagliotti (Mindy Crenshaw) make up one-half of Nice Enough People, which also includes Mike O'Gorman and Andrew Zuber.

Here's what we know about the burgeoning band.

Their live debut was March 24 at The Mint in Los Angeles.

They support each other's other endeavors outside of the band.

They love ABBA.

They don't have any videos on YouTube, but they're working on it.

But you can watch other people's YouTube videos of the band performing.

Their debut EP, "Hanover Hideaway," is now available.


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