The 'Secret Life' Cast Had A Not So Secret Reunion: See The Pics

More like American Adults, am I right?

By Paige Gawley

The cast of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" reunited and we just can't stop freaking out.

Earlier this month Megan Park, a.k.a. Grace Bowman on "Secret Life," married long time boyfriend Tyler Hilton -- who you might remember as Chris Keller on "One Tree Hill" -- in a quaint ceremony. As if the joining of bad boy musician Chris and good girl Grace wasn't enough excitement for one lifetime, the two added fuel to the fire by inviting other "Secret Life" actors to their big day. This resulted in the best reunion, well... Ever. And we have the Instagram's to prove it.

The picture that is exciting the most? One that Park herself posted just yesterday with all of the "Secret Life" cast members that you know and love. Yes you heard us right: Amy, Ben, Ricky, Adrian, Jack, Kathleen, and Clementine are all back together again!

This unexpected happy reunion got us wondering what the "Secret Life" cast has been up to since the show wrapped in 2013. Interested to hear how the gang fared? Read on to find out!

Marielle Jaffee (Clementine)

Jaffe, who played Ricky's former foster sister and sometimes love interest Clementine, has continued acting since the show concluded. She guest starred on both "CSI" and "About a Boy," and has two movies in production: "What About Love," which she co-stars in alongside Sharon Stone, and "Higher Power," an sci-fi action flick set for 2016.

Ken Baumann (Ben Boykewich):

Amy's on and off again love hasn't acted since "Secret Life." Instead, according to his website, he lives in Santa Fe with his wife, cats, and dog. He also studies at St. John's College and has written two novels and a non-fiction book.

Francia Raisa (Adrian Lee):

Raisa, who played Adrian -- the character everybody loved to hate -- has not skipped a beat in the last few years. From guesting on "The Mindy Project," to multiple TV movies... And with four movies set to come out in the next two years, we certainly haven't seen the last of this sassy chick.

Megan Park (Grace Bowman):

It's shocking that the bride herself had the time to plan a wedding with how busy she's been. After working alongside Daniel Radcliffe in the indie darling "What If," she went on to be featured in the ABC sitcom "Neighbors" and the Lifetime series "The Lottery." Park also has two TV movies set to come out this year, and a comedy with Dwayne Johnson hitting theaters next summer.

Greg Finley (Jack Pappas):

The bride's on screen on and off again boyfriend has had guest roles on "The Flash," "CSI," and "Law and Order: SVU". Finley also starred in the short lived (but really good & greatly missed!) CW show "Star-Crossed".

Josie Bissett (Kathleen Bowman):

Park's TV mom has also been working steadily since the conclusion of the show. With three TV movies under her belt and another set for next year, the sometimes Mrs. Bowman is simply unstoppable.

Daren Kagasoff (Ricky Underwood):

Amy's baby daddy has also has his hands full since the show's conclusion. He starred in "Delirum," a TV movie based on the popular YA book, was in the heartfelt show "Red Band Society," and also starred in the movie "Ouija." Next up is a TV movie set for 2016.

Shailene Woodley (Amy Juergens):

The leading lady herself has skyrocketed to stardom after getting her start on "Secret Life." Actually, she got her true start as Marisa Cooper's little sister Kaitlin on "The O.C.," but that is neither here nor there. Woodley has done everything from indie flicks like "The Spectacular Now," to mega blockbusters such as "The Fault in Our Stars." She's even starred in "The Divergent series," a wildly popular YA dystopian book to film adaptation. With two films left in that series and another film, "Snowden," in which she'll star alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Woodley has barely even begun.

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