'Challenge' Showdown: Who's The 'Last' Person Cara Would Want To Face On The Killing Floor?

She's in the 'War of the Worlds' final -- and has never gone into an elimination

Cara Maria just joined Veronica and Jodi in the Challenge history books: All three women never faced an elimination during two seasons of the long-running series. The facts: V was the first to do it on Inferno and Gauntlet, then Jodi on her winning Duel season and Gauntlet 2, and finally Cara on Vendettas (where she was eventually crowned the first solo winner ever) and War of the Worlds.

During tonight's brand-new episode, the Fresh Meat alum was the top female finisher in "Crash Landing" and secured her place in the Season 33 finale (Turbo took #1 on the men's side).

"Yes!!!!" she screamed as she fell to her knees and raised her arms in celebration.


And now that the Killing Floor will remain a Cara-free zone, which competitor would she would have not wanted to face in the win-or-go-home zone?

"Well, it depends on the elimination. But notoriously, I've been in quite a few physical eliminations, and you don't want to go against somebody completely out of your weight class," Cara revealed to MTV News. "In MMA, there's weight classes. In The Challenge, it's you're this big, she's this big, run through her!" she continued, making gestures to imply the size difference between competitors. "So realistically, I don't want to get injured, meaning I don't want to have to run into Mattie."

After all, the Party Down South rookie does boast three Tribunals and one Killing Floor victory. Do you agree with Cara's choice? And how do you think the two-time champ will fare in the upcoming War of the Worlds showdown? Sound off in the comments, and keep watching her every Wednesday at 9/8c.