Amanda Seyfried Will Never Make A Superhero Movie For One Very Gross Reason

Amanda's feelings about superhero stuntwork can be summed up in one word: 'Blaaaaaaaaaaargh.'

If you've always hoped to see Amanda Seyfried kicking butt on the big screen in a spandex supergirl suit, the actress has bad news for you: Never will she ever.

Seyfried, who is making the rounds right now to promote "Ted 2," explained on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" last night (June 16) that sharing a screen with Mark Wahlberg and a sexually aggressive stuffed bear is the closest she'll ever come to doing a big, blockbuster franchise.

Why? Because those franchises involve action, and action involves stuntwork, and stuntwork makes Amanda Seyfried sick, literally.

"I did a cameo in a movie and it turned into just a big nightmare for me," she said (although she made sure to mention immediately that the movie in question, Joe Wright's "Pan," is itself "wonderful" and "amazing.")

The nightmare part was a surprise announcement that Amanda's role would involve flight, which she had been very specifically trying to avoid... for very specific reasons.

"When I signed on, there was no wirework or green screen stuff happening with my character. I'm not playing a fairy, so why would I be flying around? Throwing up?!"

Knowing the effect it has on her, it's no surprise that Amanda Seyfried's official stance on stuntwork is "NEVER AGAIN."

Also, keep a watchful eye on the sky during her cameo in "Pan," because that stuff raining down from above? Probably not fairy dust.

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