Which Of Snooki’s Old ‘Jersey Shore’ Housemates Will Be In Her Bridal Party?

Hint: There’s more than one!

Ever wonder what Daisy Buchanan or Myrtle Wilson would look like as a guidette (think pearls, but with animal accents!)? Look no further than Snooki's bridal party.

Nicole Polizzi, who will soon tie the knot with longtime love Jionni LaValle, has a "Great Gatsby"-themed wedding in her sights. And according to Deena Cortese, who recently sat down for a TooFab interview, each of Nicole's former female "Jersey Shore" housemates (save for Angelina Pivarnick...) will stand beside her as she exchanges those timeless vows.

"Me and Sam [Giancola] are in the bridal party along with Jenni [Farley]," Deena told the site, adding she expects the celebration will be "huge and beautiful and magnificent, just like Nicole. It's gonna be a really fun wedding."

Let's just hope the former queens of Seaside Heights don't shake things up too much!

Brandon Todd/Splash News


And though Deena's still close enough to Snooki to have earned a spot on her fellow meatball's bridesmaids roster, she mentioned she hasn't yet met Nicole's new baby girl Giovanna -- but can't wait to say hello.

"[Nicole] said she's the splitting image of Lorenzo," Deena pronounced. Aww, D, a leopard really doesn't ever shed its stripes...

For more from Deena on Snooki's wedding, whether she'll soon head down the aisle herself, and the lessons she and boyfriend Chris Buckner learned while filming "Couples Therapy," watch the full interview!

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