Lorde Is All Of Us Dancing To 'Green Light' On 'SNL'

WARNING: Make sure you have plenty of room to move/flail before watching

Lorde made her return to Saturday Night Live on March 11, and she delivered a performance that not only gave us the song we can't get out of our heads to save our lives, but enough depth and range in ten minutes to get us really, really stoked to see what she has in store for the rest of her sophomore album, Melodrama.

First up: "Green Light," 2017's reigning party anthem. Lorde dances her way through the song's video, and she did the same at SNL, taking up the whole last minute of the performance of the track to just let loose and dance as if millions of people weren't watching. This is far from the safe, predictable choreography typically reserved for pop performances. Lorde flipping out to "Green Light" is pure, pre-game adrenaline at work.

Shortly after spiking the pulse of the audience with "Green Light," she brought the tone way down with "Liability," and took the opportunity to milk the song's drama for all its worth. Donning a gauzy white ensemble that included a giant, embroidered veil/headpiece/we don't know what to call it, Lorde stared down a spotlight at close range and sat back-to-back with Jack Antonoff (a.k.a. Bleachers), who played the piano while she sang through the tearjerking ballad.

The contrast of the two tracks made for a full, beautiful performance — and a great indication that we'll have plenty to look forward to when Lorde hits the stage at a number of festivals as 2017 unfolds.

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