Want Miley Cyrus To Design Your Next Tattoo?

It'll only cost you $10,000.

For the past few months, Miley Cyrus has teamed up with My Friend's Place—a resource center for homeless youth in L.A.—to raise awareness about youth homelessness and money to help end it. Her involvement was highlighted at the 2014 VMAs, when she had Jesse—the date she met through My Friend's Place—accept her Moonman for Video of the Year.

But her affiliation didn't end after the VMAs. She's currently holding a contest to benefit the shelter and prizes include a hoodie, a voicemail from Miley, and, oh, a CUSTOM TATTOO.

It's true. If you donate $10,000, you "will receive a tattoo custom designed by Miley." You will also be sent a T-shirt and temporary tattoos, but, um, who cares about those things when you could be permanently marked with a drawing designed by Miley Cyrus? Temporary tattoos don't last—Miley's custom handiwork does. While Miley has tattooed someone before, this time she'll be leaving it to the professionals and sending you a custom design. Miley will not touch an ink gun to your skin–you can relax. Whether you actually take the design to get inked onto your body is totally up to you.

If you're not in the market to rep your donor status forever, but still want to donate $10K, you have another option: a signed piece of Miley's original My Friend's Place artwork. But, I mean, for $10K you may as well get some artwork on your body, amiright? JK, it's your skin not mine.