'The Voice' Recap: See Who Survived the Battles

Usher brought us all to our 'Climax' with a little vocal proof as to why he's a coach.

The final battles of "The Voice" hit the stage Monday night (April 7), and only five singers were left standing on the coaches' teams.

Coaches Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher, and Blake Shelton sent out their remaining singers for the final five battles of the singing competition before the new playoff round, and there was no shortage of impressive vocals, tough decisions, and knee-weakening falsettos from Usher himself.

Here's how the final night of battles went down:

Last Steal of the Show

When Bria Kelly and Madilyn Paige found out they would be matched up for team Usher, they were a little confused. Sure, they're the youngest of the competition, but their vocal talents are completely different. Usher paired them together because he knew that the two singers would help the other overcome their personal challenges: Kelly would benefit from emulating Paige's tenderness and control, while Kelly's confidence would rub off on Paige. On the battle stage, Usher's method proved to work, both singers rising to their personal occasions, although Levine and Shelton were left "desiring more." Shelton even said he didn't think either one stood out. Usher declared Bria Kelly the winner, and with only one steal left in the competition, Shelton hit his button for Madilyn Paige.

Usher's Climactic Vocals

Usher's name was written all over Team Adam's final battle pairing. First, Levine matched up Brittnee Camelle and Jake Barker, two singers he stole from Usher. Then the pair chose to sing Usher's challenging song "Climax." Usher suppressed a smile throughout their performance, and deemed it unfair to critique a performance of his own song. But when asked by host Carson Daly who did his song better -- clearly referring to Camelle and Barker -- usher quickly said "me" before taking the world to its own climax with a few falsetto bars of the chorus. In the end, Levine declared Jake Barker the winner.

Powerhouse Pair

For Shakira's final pairing, the coach matched up her two powerhouse singers, Clarissa Serna and Dani Moz. Although they got off to a shaky start, the pair commanded the stage while singing Pink's triumphant song "Perfect," and got a standing ovation from their coach. Shelton commended Serna's poise, while Usher praised Moz for having a talent that cannot be taught: "how to be a star." In the end, Shakira declared Dani Moz's "unwavering" talent the winner, and Usher urged his fellow coach to remind Moz that she has a "genuine quality to her that the world is going to love."

Here's how the coaches' teams looked as the battle rounds came to a close, and the singers finally got a second to catch their breath:

Team Adam

Christina Grimmie

Delvin Choice

Kat Perkins

Jake Barker

Morgan Wallen (Steal)

Team Shakira

Deja Hall

Kristen Merlin

Josh Murley

Dani Moz

Tess Boyer (Steal)

Team Usher

T.J. Wilkins

Stevie Jo

Melissa Jimenez

Bria Kelly

Josh Kaufman (Steal)

Team Usher

Jake Worthington

Sisaundra Lewis

Audra McLaughlin

Ryan Whyte Maloney

Madilyn Paige (Steal)

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