Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Had A Not-So-Normal Movie Date Night

Just casually renting out a VIP section at the theater, NBD

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have long since made their debut as a couple to watch, and now they're taking their romance across the border.

The pair were spotted holding hands and smooching each other's faces off in Toronto, Abel's hometown, and the Starboy repped his fellow 6er Drake by bundling up in an October's Very Own parka while out and about with his gal, E! News reports.

It was a typical date night with popcorn and scary movies and, presumably, some making out in a dark theater, but seeing as they're hyper-famous, it wasn't entirely typical. They rented out the entirety of the VIP section for privacy at a screening of horror smash Get Out, and who can blame them? Whipping out your cell phone at the movies is a cardinal sin, and those attending this screening of Get Out may have been tempted to take a pic on the sly, which would've been a double-whammy of bad for all involved.

The moral of the story: Rent out a theater if you're able to maximize your moviegoing experience, especially if you're on a date with your attention-grabbing significant other.

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