Why Is Rihanna Wearing An Oversize Puffer Coat In August?

I thought we were on the same page re: dressing for the weather ...

Look, celebrities have never been the most reliable source for weather-appropriate outfits — or outfits to travel in, for that matter — but one person I always felt I could rely on was Rihanna. After she embraced the first real hot day of 2016 in a sheer dress, I thought we were on the same page re: dressing only for the temperature.

Then, this weekend, I was betrayed.

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On August 20, 2016, Rihanna wore this gigantic puffer coat. I searched high and low for excuses for why she would wear this oversize, down-filled jacket in the middle of August, but I came up short — it was 69 degrees in London on Saturday.

Later that night, she wore an off-the-shoulder denim jacket with no shirt underneath, further confusing you, me, and everyone else.