Tom Holland Hints That Spider-Man Could Go Down A ‘Darker Path’ In 'Homecoming'

Plus, Holland previews Spidey’s ‘intense’ showdown with Vulture

Tom Holland and director Jon Watts brought Spider-Man: Homecoming to San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, where they even debuted a teaser trailer of the latest Spidey film — just 10 days into filming.

Although the footage isn't online, those who were in attendance have described the lighthearted teaser as a mix of John Hughes and Freaks and Geeks. In it, Peter Parker is your average American teenager — obsessed with YouTube, superheroes, and girls. But as we know, there's nothing remotely average about Peter.

"We first spoke about was how different Spider-Man and Peter Parker are, but also how similar they are," Holland told MTV News's Josh Horowitz after the Marvel panel Saturday night. "The one thing I want to get across is that he is a normal kid, living a normal life, but as soon as it's nighttime, he's a superhero."

"We're really battling with the concept of, What would a 15-year-old kid do if he had superpowers?" Holland added. "Would he do the right thing or would he be steered down a darker path?" (So maybe Homecoming isn't as effervescent as we thought.)

The Comic-Con clip ended with an ominous look at the new movie's villain, The Vulture, an indelible supervillain in the Spider-Man canon. It's been reported that Michael Keaton will step into the Vulture's winged suit, but that has yet to be confirmed by Marvel or Sony — although, Holland did seem to hint at Keaton's role when we asked if he had filmed any scenes with the veteran actor yet.

"We've been shooting all of the high school stuff," he said. "But all of the heavy-hitters haven't arrived yet. It's going to get intense."

Judging from this newly released Spider-Man concept art, Holland isn't kidding.


Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7, 2017.

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