4 Potential 'Teen Wolf' Love Matches That Could Be Brewing In Beacon Hills


Initially, Beacon Hills only had two seemingly solid "Teen Wolf" couples to contend with -- Scallison and Jackdia -- but now there are suddenly a handful of possible hook-ups on our radar. Derek and Darachifer aside (can't we just pretend that little fling never happened?), our flirt-o-meter is on red alert this season, and that's not even including the highly anticipated Stydia smooch. While the following flirtatious duos aren't exactly planning their weddings, we can't help but spy a little sexual tension in between their lines of dialogue. Check out the unlikely pairings, below!


Allison and Isaac

While most of us are rooting for a Scallison reunion, sadly, our favorite hunter-werewolf duo have been spending more and more time apart. However, over the last few episodes, we've been blessed with a suspiciously high number of scenes featuring Allison and Isaac playing kissy face Sherlock Holmes while on the Darach's case. Though Inspector Isaac is prone to hitting on anything with a pair of breasts (remember his short-lived interest in Cora?), we've seen the way Allison gazes at him and the way he gazes back. That little bit of lust mixed with a dollop of curiosity could go a long way.


Stiles and Cora

While Stiles is hellbent on finding his father, he also seems overly preoccupied with keeping Derek's sister, Cora, alive. It's obvious the baseball bat-wielding werewolf accomplice has developed a major soft spot for the feisty Hale. After Stiles resuscitated a dying Cora during last week's episode, he said, "The next time I put my lips to your mouth, you better be awake." If that's not at least a little bit of a come-on, then clearly our flirt-o-meter is busted.


Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski

These two are probs the only potential couple on the list that we'd actually love to see get together IRTWL. They're both single -- Papa Stilinski is a widower and Mama McCall has the mystery of Scott's pop under wraps -- and if they tied the knot, Scott and Stiles could be bona fide brothers! We think there's merit to the idea that these parentals are crushin', too, considering Melissa recently referred to the Sheriff's "handsome face." Now that they're tied up pre-sacrifice in the Nemeton, might they get together for realsies? We hope so...y'know, if they survive.


Lydia and Aiden

While this is an obvious one (Lyd's had her eye on the lady-loving twin ever since he and Ethan first set foot at BHHS), it's still a bit of a shocker. Aiden is on Team Evil, after all. We can't be entirely sure if Lydia is using Aiden to help her friends take down the Alpha Pack, or if Aiden is using her to nab Scott...or both. But perhaps deep down the two really do like each other and long to make banshee-wolf babies. Whatevs. WE STILL WANT STYDIA.

+ Which possible love match has the most potential to become a reality? Comment with your thoughts, and tune in to an all-new "Teen Wolf" tonight at 10/9c!

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