Watch Jessie J Preview Her Head-Banging Dance From The 'Bang Bang' Video

Jessie J talks 'hugely nerve wracking, but exciting' video shoot with Ariana and Nicki.

No wonder Ariana Grande was having the time of her life on the set of "Bang Bang" with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, because the video is a non-stop party.

The three divas shot the video last week in Los Angeles, bringing their infectious hit pop song, which is currently sitting at #1 on the iTunes singles chart, to life with a party that goes from the streets to the rooftop.

MTV News caught up with British songstress Jessie J who teased the upcoming video, which she described as "basically a fun performance."

"It's me starting a street party that Ariana is then going to attend, and then Nicki turns up on an amazing type of transport, that I wont give away," she teased. "And then we all party together on a rooftop and there's loads of dancers, there's a dance that you can learn that I made up."

The girls all met on set for the first time, which Jessie said was "hugely nerve wracking, but exciting," but once they got into the swing of things they were loving each other "more than words" with each of them posting an adorable selfie singing each other's praises.

"Nicki was amazing, she's so head strong and knows what she wants. She was really great at making sure all of us knew what we was doing, and kind of had an idea, because you get that certain amount of takes.. and if you get it, you get it. So we all wanted to make sure we were on the same page, and not looking like a completely confused girl band," Jessie said. "But Ariana is hilarious and she is so sweet, she was singing the whole time and it was fun."

She continued, "Nicki's body is just insane it was insane—wow. You see it in pictures, and then you see it in real life... its like wow! She's so pretty and really sweet, and so was Ariana, I was like 'yes this is happening we are together this is really happening.'

No word on when the video will drop since it will "take a little while because there's three divas to bring in their notes," but since everything according to Jessie has been "so smooth" since the start, hopefully we get our invites to this party very soon.