A.M. Surf Report: 50 Says Buck's The Same As Game; Lindsay And Hilary: BFF? Whitney/Bobby Split's Official & More

50 Cent lumps Young Buck in with Game; Lindsay and Hilary bury the hatchet; Whitney gets custody of daughter.

The news happens all the time, even while you're catching up on your beauty sleep. Check out this brief rundown to bring you up to speed this morning -- a quick heads up from your friends at MTV News.

Here's what we've got:

Brad Dourif is the [article id="1556353"]sheriff in Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake[/article], but the man who faced the terrifying Nurse Ratched in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and voices "Child's Play" baddie Chucky tells us that Michael Myers is just too much for him to handle. "I did not see the first 'Halloween,' and I ain't seeing this one for the exact same reason -- it's too scary for me! There is no way, even at gunpoint. I ain't going in there."

When Tori Amos sets out to blast the Bush administration, you better believe she's going to do it in her own way. The singer/songwriter kicks off her American Doll Posse LP with the track "Yo George," which asks, "Where have we gone wrong, America?" -- pretty direct, right? Yeah, well, [article id="1556300"]Tori tells us that's thanks to "Isabel,"[/article] one of the four Greek-goddess-inspired archetypes she developed for the album. Of course.

And [article id="1556303"]"Idol" commentator Jim Cantiello[/article] called it: [article id="1556373"]Gina Glocksen is out of the running[/article]. That makes the tally Jim: 1, Sanjaya's former hunger striker: 0.

Quote of the Day: "Are you suggesting I'm not a horror icon? I'm a horror icon! I'm Chucky!" -- [article id="1556353"]horror icon Brad Dourif[/article]

Here's what everyone else is talking about:

50 Cent doesn't have beef with Young Buck, but Buck's attempts to make peace with the Game aren't sitting well with him, XXL reports. "I hold him in the same space that I held Game in," 50 told Hot 97 radio host Miss Jones on Wednesday. "If I have issues with somebody and we're down with each other, then you have issues with them."

Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff, BFF? According to People, the onetime rivals (dating back to a 2002 Aaron Carter tug-of war -- how times have changed) have left their feud behind. "It's over," Duff said. "We were hanging out the other night and she's a nice girl." ...

Whitney and Bobby's 14-year marriage officially ends April 24, a judge ruled Wednesday, granting Houston full custody of their daughter Bobbi Kristina. The Associated Press reports that Brown will get visitation rights and [article id="1485955"]may be ordered to pay child support[/article] in the future. Brown did not attend the hearing, but his lawyer said he wants the decision overturned.

[article id="1555885"]Washington, DC, might not want him[/article], but New York has three sites ready for Al Gore's Live Earth concerts scheduled for July 7, Variety reports. Randall's Island, Brooklyn's Prospect Park and Queens' Shea Stadium are all up to the task of hosting the 40,000 expected to attend, according to a spokesperson for New York's Department of Parks and Recreation. "We're just waiting to hear back from them on what they want to do."

Think you can do better than "Inside Your Heaven"? "American Idol" has started accepting submissions for its first songwriting contest, voted on by fans. The winning song will be performed on the show's finale and released as a single -- and the writer scores a publishing deal and a cash advance on royalties. Pay the $10 registration fee and you can upload your MP3 through April 17.

Young Jeezy's USDA plan to promote their single "White Girl" with a street team made up solely of -- wait for it -- white women, reports. Slick Pulla wants "the blondes, the brunettes, the green eyes, the grey eyes, the red heads, the freckles -- all that, man," to hit up with their age, address and "descriptive paragraph."

Three 6 Mafia were thrown out of their Toluca Lake, California, home thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt's complaints, according to One member of the Oscar winning group's entourage allegedly made his mark on Hollywood by relieving himself on the actress' lawn.

And frequently arrested former "Laguna Beach" star Jason Wahler is trying to sell a sex tape he made with "Laguna"/"Hills" good girl Lauren Conrad, reports.