One Direction Recruit Help For Sophomore Album

Justin Bieber says, 'If they want me on their album, they just have to ask,' as 1D spend the summer recording new music.

The boys of One Direction have been cooking up a new set of tunes. The guys are hard at work on their sophomore album, and they have been tweeting all about the experience, sharing that the tracks they are working on are leaving them feeling excited.

One Direction will spend the summer recording new music, and it seems that they have been reaching out to a number of other artists to help them craft the follow-up to their smash debut, Up All Night. According to the Florida-based rock band Boyce Avenue, they have been contacted by 1D to chat about possibly working with the guys on this release.

"We're meeting up to see what they think of some ideas we've got for them," Daniel Manzano said, via Perez Hilton. "We've got a studio right by the beach, so it's a cool place for bands to come and write with us."

But, Boyce Avenue are not the only rock act that has been tapped by the British fivesome to help them cook up their sound for the album. Scottish indie outfit the View are also reportedly working with the guys. "I'm writing and recording all these tunes," singer Kyle Falconer shared, according to Press Party . "The ones I put in for One Direction were the ones that people said were too wimpy for the View. There's a few of them -- we write songs non-stop."

While 1D told MTV News earlier this year that they had yet to record any [article id="1682685"]songs with Justin Bieber[/article], the pop superstar said in a recent radio interview that he'd be down to work with the group.

"They're my boys. They came to my house; we hung out. I have a pool, so we all went in and chilled out," Bieber said in an interview with Radio 2. "If they want me on their album, they just have to ask. They're talented."

While 1D are certainly looking to add some fresh voices to the album, [article id="1688402"]Ed Sheeran[/article], who wrote a track for the guys' debut release, has confirmed that he will hit the studio with them this summer. "I wrote a couple of songs when I was 17 that One Direction want for their next album," he said. "I'm going into the studio in August to produce the tracks for them."

[article id="1688679"]Niall Horan recently told MTV News[/article] that while they are now really focused on the recording process, the group had already banked a few songs during a recording session earlier in the spring. Additionally, he shared that new music could drop by early fall, with the album anticipated to be released in late 2012.

And it seems they are not only coming up with the sound for the album, but also the look as well. Earlier this week, One Direction had a photo shoot for the album. One behind-the-scenes photo featured one of the guys (by the hair, it appears to be Harry Styles) in a retro-looking convertible.

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