Vanessa Hudgens Is Her Own Valentine, And Honestly, Same

'Happy day of loving myself!'

Vanessa Hudgens may be celebrating Valentine's Day without longtime boyfriend Austin Butler by her side, but that doesn't mean she's moping around.

The actress took to her personal Instagram with a series of positive snaps and clips for her fans, all decked out with fun filters and goofiness, like hearts and teddy bears. In one clip she sang a fun improvised Valentine's Day song to herself, a la Marilyn Monroe's infamous "happy birthday" song.

"Happy Valentine’s to me, happy Valentine’s to me, happy day of loving myself, happy Valentine’s Day to me!" she sang, before adding "And happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!"

Clad in a black beanie with her long chestnut waves framing her face, she then played around with a teddy bear that appeared on-screen thanks to a filter.

"There are just so many damn filters for this holiday," she joked, before adding “Everybody loves love, wah!”

Hudgens ended up parting ways with now ex-boyfriend Austin Butler after nearly a decade of dating on January 14. She had given an interview just a few weeks prior to Cosmo UK, where she discussed some of the difficulties she had with making her relationship with Butler work, despite the fact that it was long distance.

"It's eight years this year – FaceTime, good communication, respect and trust [are what keep us going]," she explained. "The longest we've been apart was four months. It sucks! You start hating hearing yourself say 'I miss you.' But if it's your person, you make it work."

But it wasn't long after the split that Hudgens decided to positively slay a red carpet appearance for Bad Boys For Life instead of moping around about love lost. Atta girl!

"I lived my best life lol," she wrote alongside a series of photos she posted to her Instagram Story from her appearance.

Now that it's Valentine's Day, however, Vanessa is just proving she's perfectly fine on her own, and she doesn't need to be in a relationship to love herself or who she is – and that's on periodt.