Jennifer Lopez Feels Ben Affleck's Love, Sports Big Pink Rock To Prove It

Actor wooed her with Snoop songs, J. Lo reveals.

NEW YORK -- All Jennifer Lopez wants to do is spend a day on the yacht with her Hollywood beau, Ben Affleck, but the paparazzi keep hounding her. So what's a gal from the 'hood to do? Maybe take a rhyme-book page from her "I'm Gonna Be Alright" co-star, Nas, and chant, "They shootin'! Made you look."

So goes the theme for J. Lo's new video for "Jenny From the Block," in which Jenny and Benny get their privacy trounced on.

"We try [to keep things private], we try," Lopez said Monday of her relationship with Affleck, her co-star in "Gigli" and "Jersey Girl." "Some times it's easier than others; it just depends if we can slip in and then slip out. We go out to dinner, we go out with friends, we try to live as normal an existence as we can and still enjoy all of the other parts of being in the public eye as well ([article id="1458405"]Click for photos from the interview[/article]).

"We try to make the best of it," she continued. "I'm not saying there's not times that we wish [we] could just be going to the movies and come out and there's not a crowd there waiting. You just want to spend your Sunday afternoon not working, but at the same time we both love what we do. If that's something that's part of it, then that's fine. We feel the love and we're very happy about it."

Lopez said that no matter how much the public and media clamor to become a third party in her relationship with the star of "Daredevil," they won't take their toll on their bond.

"I think [the media can cause damage] if it's not a real thing," she explained. "I've been in relationships where they were kind of unstable, and so the media messed with it a lot. When it's not important to the relationship in any way -- because what's important is just the two of you -- then it can't mess with it. Nothing can. So in that sense, no, it doesn't have an affect if it's something that's really real for both of you. In my experience, anyway."

The major rumor surrounding the Affleck/Lopez love connection has been that the two will soon walk the aisle and tie the knot. While no engagement announcement has been made, Affleck has given Lopez a pink diamond big enough to make Baby from Cash Money drop his jaw. The two have discussed marriage but haven't set a date.

"Yeah, we have talked about it," Lopez blushingly said before admitting that she would be happy if Affleck would father her children once she decided to start a family.

"How many kids do I want?" she restated, taken a little aback. "I mean, I don't want a bunch. One healthy one would be plenty for me. Whatever the good Lord deems to bless me with, I will take with open arms."

So exactly how did Affleck work his way into J. Lo's open arms? Easy -- he just spit some lyrics to her.

"You know, he actually surprised me when we first started getting to know each other," she remembered. "He would be singing the hip-hop songs. He loves Ja Rule, he loves Nelly, he loves Snoop. He would know all the lyrics to these songs. He'd just start singing, and I would be like, 'What is that?' And he's like, 'That's Snoop from back in the day.' I'd be like, 'What?'

"He actually likes all different types of music, which is really nice," Lopez added. "He actually turned me on to some new stuff that I never heard, some old blues stuff. He's like, 'You gotta hear this.' He grew up in a neighborhood where there was a lot of reggae and stuff like that as well, so he knows a lot about that too."

Lopez knows a couple of things about making music as well. Her new LP, This Is Me ... Then, drops on November 26 and features many lyrics that she wrote in her red leather book (see [article id="1457833"]"J. Lo Sets Release Date For LP After Song Leaks Out"[/article]). Affleck (whom she calls her "baby") was one of her muses.

"I wrote a lot of songs inspired, in a way, by what I was going through at the time that this album was being made, and he was definitely a big part of that," Lopez said.

To hear material from This Is Me ... Then and discover more inspiration behind J. Lo's new tracks, tune in to "TRL" on Monday, November 4. MTV News will present an album preview during the show.

-- Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by [article id="1453178"]Sway Calloway[/article]

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