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Jamie Foxx And Get 'Smooth' In 'Rio'

'The first key to being smooth is, you don't necessarily always have to be smooth,' will says of their characters.

The new animated movie "Rio" has plenty of intriguing things going for it, including the wholesome love story of two parrots, bright colors, beautiful scenery and soothing samba music from composer Sergio Mendes. Even beyond that are the comedic stylings of the film's supporting characters, namely smooth operators/ ladies' birds Pedro and Nico, voiced by real-life ladies' men [artist id="1521450"][/artist] and [artist id="7590"]Jamie Foxx[/artist].

When MTV caught up with the jokesters recently at the junket for "Rio," we asked what lengths they would go to in order to impress a woman.

"I would do anything to impress women, because that's why we do whatever we do," Foxx said. "You actually think that we do this for money? That's nothing. If tomorrow they said that women love tomatoes, best bet, I would have 40 acres of a tomato farm, letting girls do tours, you know what I'm saying? So whatever a woman likes is what I like."

And regarding their key strategies to being smooth, had some very creative advice that may or may not involve a loofah.

"The first key to being smooth is, you don't necessarily always have to be smooth," he said. "You feel what I'm saying? Girls know it. You need to be exfoliated. You can exfoliate with smoothness. You got to rub them rough edges, smooth 'em out. It takes roughness to make it smooth."

"Man, he said it," Foxx said when asked if his smooth operations were similar to will's. "Exfoliating was the word," he said with a chuckle. "I didn't see that one coming."

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