Praise Yeezus! 'Kanye West's New Testament' Is Here To Save Us

Open to Psalm 808, and hurry up with thy damn croissants.

Taking celebrity worship to literally idolatrous levels, an extremely devoted fan (presumably the video's editor, Andrew Michael Stubbs) has crafted "Kanye West's New Testament," a 34-minute video that combines a variety of footage reels and music by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood with clips from some of the "God Level" rapper's recent interviews. And yes, it just might make you believe in the power of Yeezus -- if you didn't already, that is.

Over visuals of Michelangelo's "David," aerial shots of landscapes, Muhammad Ali in his prime, luxury fragrance commercials and more, Kanye's unmistakable voice intones: "Anytime people can get a dosage of this espresso, of this walking confidence, of this god-fearing creative, I think it could bring light."

[gdm_video source="youtube" video_id="SI2EowIn9EM" url=""]

In other words, we should all be so lucky as to have a "Kanye moment" of our own every now and then, because there's honestly nothing wrong with trying to tap into your full potential. Do you know who gets their damn croissants? People who demand their damn croissants.

At least that's what I'm getting out of the video. I mean, "I am the most relevant voice on the planet Earth. I am Warhol. I am Shakespeare in the flesh. Walt Disney. Nike. Google," does have a pretty nice ring to it as a daily mantra, no?

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