Watch Jon Hamm And Jimmy Fallon Make Spitting Food Funny

Say it, don't spray it, guys!

Jon Hamm's guest stint on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" last night ushered the debut of some brilliantly messy alliteration comedy (our favorite kind, because we're word nerds!) The duo's video skit also happens to involve some pretty extreme infractions to polite society's "don't talk with your mouth full" edict – disgusting hilarity ensues, so we'd recommend setting down your lunch before giving it a view.

The skit entails a fictional '80s television show starring Hamm and Fallon, called "Palisades Park Pet Patrol." "We're like oil and water," Hamm says of their characters – polar opposite animal control officers. "Like 'Lethal Weapon' with two Mel Gibsons," adds Fallon. "They get in a lot of arguments and always end up in a messy situation," Fallon continues, before they introduce the clip. Touché, Sir. Touché.

Aside from a desire to never use words beginning with the letter P or consume Hawaiian Punch ever again, we can all agree that we'd watch the heck outta this show, right? Pat and Pete forever!

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