Lil Wayne Producer Bangladesh Explains How '6'7" ' Came To Be

'It's unfortunate that political things happen and it messes up the music of creative people,' beatmaker says of his financial issues with Cash Money.

Huh? That was the collective response when it was discovered that [article id="1654264"]Lil Wayne's new track "6'7" "[/article] was produced by [article id="1645208"]Bangladesh, the musical maestro[/article] behind [article id="1654394"]Weezy's "A Milli."[/article] Ever since "A Milli" became a phenomenon, Bangladesh expressed frustration with Cash Money's financial operations and the two hadn't worked together.

But after the producer crafted the track that would eventually become "6'7"," things began shifting in place for a reunion. According to Bangladesh, Gee Roberson (an executive at Atlantic Records), requested [article id="1654465"]music for T.I.'s album[/article].

"I already know how T.I. is and how he is and how he thinks," Bangladesh told MTV News, explaining that the two parties, while friendly, haven't been able to connect musically in the past. "I had given up on sending him music. You know, sometimes everything ain't for people. And even though it might be great, it might not be their direction."

Turns out, it wasn't -- but Roberson had a suggestion.

" 'Wayne will kill this, man,' " Bangladesh recalls the executive, who also co-manages Drake, saying. " 'This is Wayne.' He was right. He was absolutely right."

That conversation was the starting point between the producer and Wayne reuniting.

"It was the first step to resolving the relationship among each other," he said. "Not the business side of it. Like, everything that happened and everything I said [before] was true. But to move on, you have to see progression. So I had to learn that there was things that had changed over in the camp and the business department. Once I confirmed that from reliable sources, I could move on. And it really has never been a Wayne issue. I f---ed with him. It's just, it's unfortunate that political things happen and it messes up the music of creative people where we can't feed the consumer what they really want to hear."

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