Someone Created A Thor Hammer Not Even Chris Hemsworth Could Pick Up

Just *try* to pick it up.

Thor's mighty weapon, Mjolnir, is hard to pronounce and even harder to pick up.

Norse legend and "Avengers: Age of Ultron" mythology states that only the god of thunder, lightning, agriculture and fertility is worthy enough to pick it up. But one inventor decided to challenge that decree and make one that not even Thor or Chris Hemsworth could lift.

YouTube user Sufficiently Advanced created a replica of Thor's Hammer that's powered by a battery-powered electromagnet and fingerprint scanner that makes it virtually impossible to pick up unless you happen to have the inventor's thumb handy.

When Allen of Sufficiently Advanced takes to the streets to let people try (key word: try) to lift the powerful Mjolnir, they can't -- no matter what they do. They also can't figure out how it works, which leads to some hilarious on-the-street confusion.

Watch the full video below.

H/T Pixable