Untrusting Guy Uses GoFundMe To Crash His Girlfriend's Spring Break

Was this a romantic odyssey ... or just crowdfunded stalking?

Relationship tip, guys: the quickest way to make your lady want to hook up with another man is to accuse her of doing exactly that. Unless you have beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt evidence that she's cheated on you, insecurity about her faithfulness or self-control isn't a good look.

But hey, it can apparently get you free airfare.

A week ago, 25-year-old Maryland man Azel Prather, Jr., created a GoFundMe campaign titled "Save My Relationship." He explained that his 22-year-old girlfriend had flown to Miami with her besties, and if he didn't join and watch her like a hawk, then she'd ditch him for other dudes:

"If you know anything about Miami, you know that she shouldn't go without a chaperone. I need to get there to be with her and share this joyous time but my funds have been exhausted. We have a great thing going and I would hate to see it go down the drain for a little sand and sun. ... I just need a round trip flight. I will be staying wherever she lays her head, eating whatever she eats, and overseeing all parties and fun activitiy for the duration of the trip. I thank you in advance. Please fellas, I love her."

Prather clarified to the Washington Post that he trusted his girlfriend; he just didn't trust Miami. "If I had to pick one place for my girlfriend not to go, Miami would be it!” he told the newspaper. “I think the sun just melts all the morals in Miami. It’s a free-for-all!” (He was also concerned that her bathing suit Instagram pics had 200 likes: "That’s too many likes for me.")

He didn't receive many donations at first, but all the media attention and social shares changed that...

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 12.42.13 PM

...and his ticket was booked:

As of yesterday, they're still together in Miami, though she doesn't look thrilled about it -- even saying, "I miss my friends":

Prather's supporters felt they were helping keep love alive (a $5 donor wrote, "This is for all the relationships that have washed away on the shores of South Beach"), but many other commenters view this quest to protect a woman's "morals" as something way more WTF:

  • "I can't tell if this is psycho or sweet... I'm kind of leaning towards the psycho. I'd be pissed if I knew my boyfriend was publicly saying that he thinks my morals would be flushed down the toilet just because I'm in Miami. She's in a different place but she's not a different person!! Seriously dude, you have trust issues. If you can't trust her to go on spring break with her friends without you, your relationship is already sh-t."
  • "'Overseeing all parties and fun activity'?!?! Who the FU-- do you think you are, you controlling, insecure, selfish little FREAK!! Go get a fu--ing JOB and be a REAL MAN! I hope that she sees this and dumps your ass!! Disgusting!!
  • "Gee I wonder why she went without are borderline stalking her. ... In fact I am going to print this so that when my two sons are older they will see how not to treat a woman."
  • In an update to the GoFundMe page, Prather responds, "Love is in the air! To all the hateful comments, I'll pray for all of you." In an Instagram video posted yesterday, he tells his girlfriend, "You thought this was your trip -- this is our trip," adding, "Ain't no spring without me -- I put the 'i' in spring."

    Which makes us wonder: Is this guy for real? The Washington Post points out that Prather "works in marketing and has a knack for comedy." Could this whole thing just be trolling?

    Some commenters are going with this theory, writing, "Whoever donated to this douche got played" and "This is such a joke- he's listed as single on facebook lol."

    We certainly hope it's a social media prank that both partners were in on -- maybe even a brilliant way of getting a half-priced vacation together -- 'cause otherwise *shudder*. Either way, we just can't endorse Prather's advice for other boyfriends to likewise follow in hot pursuit:

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