This Repeat 'Catfish' Offender Conned Her Very Own Cousin

Anyone remember Chasity?

It's the "season of ghosts past" (good one, Nev).

Chasity first appeared on Catfish back in Season 2 when she conned Derek into thinking she was a woman named Kristen. And during tonight's episode, the single mother was once again being confronted by Max and Nev for her devious acts -- but this time around, she was tricking her own cousin Mandy for two years by posing as Jose.


But the story wasn't exactly simple. Mandy used a Facebook account to pose as her sister Andrea (photos and all) as a way to spy on her former man, who was sleeping with said sister. Nev summed it up pretttttty well: "You set up a fake profile as your sister to talk to your ex-boyfriend."

Now, to Chasity: The repeat catfisher had no idea Mandy was behind the profile and believed it was Andrea (hello, the images!) -- and she contacted Mandy Andrea because she was "friends with one of my exes." Why was Chasity doing this?


"It still had to do with my kids," Chasity explained to the guys. Rewind: The last time the MTV co-hosts saw Chasity, she was using the Kristen account to spy on her baby daddy and keep track of his actions for the safety of the children. A tiny hiccup: Chasity never had any intention of hurting Mandy -- even though the two weren't "close." But even so, Chasity told Mandy "what she needed to hear" and wanted to help ease her heartbreak (you know, with Jose saying "I love you"). But Mandy definitely didn't see it that way, even though Chasity apologized.


"I'm having a really hard time. I'm really humiliated and upset," Mandy told her relative shortly after she learned the truth about the Jose account and Chasity expressed regret. "I can't accept your apology. I just think it's better if we don't talk, ever."

However, Mandy had a change of heart -- and Chasity revealed during the three-month debrief that she and Mandy were talking and had even been to the gym together. While Mandy still doesn't trust Chasity, she believes that "family is important" and is doing her part to try to move past this fishy bump.

But what do you think? Is it best for Mandy to allow Chasity in her life? Sound off in the comments, and give your thoughts on this family-filled installment in the comments. And don't miss a brand-new episode next Wednesday on 10/9c!

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