Victoria Justice Courts A Killer In The Trailer For 'Eye Candy'

Catch the premiere Monday, January 12 at 10/9c!

You thought your last date was a bust? At least you didn't split the bill with a serial killer.

This winter, Victoria Justice will star in MTV's new crime thriller "Eye Candy," in which she'll play a 21-year-old tech whiz/hacker named Lindy who discovers a sophisticated murderer is using a popular dating site to craft his own hit list. Rather than investigate the case from behind the glow of her laptop's screen, though, Lindy decides to dive right in and see if she can catch the perp herself. Gotta give her points for moxie!

Yup, in the trailer above, the hacker fleshes out her very own Flirtual profile and sets up a handful of dates in hopes that she'll eventually stumble upon the feared New York City killer, who's very much at large. Oh, and did we mention the criminal in question is totally infatuated with Lindy, whom he considers to be a completely perfect specimen? Maybe you should consider cutting your boyfriend a liiiittle bit of slack next time he forgets to pick up some roses on your anniversary.

Get a look at the clip, and tune in to the premiere Monday, January 12 at 10/9c!