Demi Lovato Waves Her Pride Flag With Some Famous Friends In 'Really Don't Care': Watch Now

Demi takes over pride parade spreading a message of love and empowerment.

Demi Lovato promised her video for "Really Don't Care" would be a "celebration" and she wasn't kidding.

The singer brought her pop-power anthem to life by taking over Los Angeles’ Gay Pride Parade on June 8 to sing with the crowd, party with her friends and brush off all those haters.

The video opens with Demi telling the crowd that a protester at the parade "has a burn in hell poster' and that "you don't have to hate because my Jesus loves all."

The pop star, dressed in leather with rainbow hair, then opens with her song as she marches down the parade on a float as LGBT supporters surround her dancing, celebrating and proudly belting out the lyrics.

But the thousands in the crowd weren't the only ones stealing scenes. Demi promised MTV News to watch out for a special guest, but in fact there were several. Taking a page out of her lyric video, Demi's famous friends, including Perez Hilton, "Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham, her rumored boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, all sang and posed for the camera.

Cher Lloyd also made an appearance as well, spitting out her sassy verse on the song.

Yet, that "badass" moment that Demi was teasing us about had to be when she enlisted Blink 182's Travis Barker to bring his drumming skills to the song. Demi belts out the end of the song, surrounded by fans, friends and supporters of her strong message.

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