Miley Cyrus Strips Down For These Topless Shower Selfies

Lather, rinse, repeat.

There isn't much of Miley Cyrus we haven't seen. Whether wearing a nude latex ensemble at the VMAs, or swinging naked on a "Wrecking Ball," we're actually pretty familiar.

But we have not seen Miley soap up with suds in the shower, until today.

The Before:

Standing stark in her undies, Cyrus takes a selfie rocking some serious bed head (that she impressively shaped into a mohawk), and a very strategically placed octopus friend- which we're guessing is to avoid the #freethenipple consequences sanctioned by Instagram).

While we don't get to jump into the stream with Miley like other celebs have boldly done, we can only imagine Miley's lather, rinse, repeat routine. (She'd totally be singing into the showerhead like a microphone) a la Emma Stone.

The After:

Miley emerges looking fresh faced and towel dried, relaxing on soft sheets, aka the best feeling ever after you've showered. Her itty bitty bikini shows off her range of tats, and her messy 'do is now sleek and shampooed, clearly evidenced by the #PostShowerSelfie.

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