'Finding Carter' Star Cynthia Watros Recalls Life As A Pill-Popping Kidnapper...On The Soaps

The actress enjoyed some colorful onscreen moments before starring in the new MTV series.

In 1998, after her very first nomination for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Cynthia Watros walked away from the Daytime Emmy Awards with a trophy for her role on "Guiding Light." And when you consider all that her character Annie Dutton endured (you know, like throwing herself down a flight of stairs to frame her rival for murder...), it's really no surprise.

"I've done it all," Cynthia recalls of her days as a soap star in the interview below. "I've kidnapped kids, I've carried weapons, I've drugged people, I've killed. I'm an alcoholic, pill-popping -- you know, and then I'm a nun!"

And though Cynthia says you can also expect a hearty helping of drama from new MTV series "Finding Carter," which follows a teen as she copes with the jarring news that she was abducted as a child, the actress notes that its storylines and those that evolved during her daytime TV days are apples and oranges.

"With 'Finding Carter,' there are some dramatic things that happen, but I think it's all based in reality," she explains. "It's important for us to have it based in true feelings and if these situations were to happen, how you truly would react to it."

Watch Cynthia reminisce about her days as Annie, and be sure to catch her on the "Finding Carter" premiere next Tuesday, July 8 at 10/9c!

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