These Atlanta Cyclists Went The Extra Mile To Prove Their Love For Outkast

Hometown pays homage ahead of 'ATLast.'

Outkast really does have some ride-or-die fans.

To celebrate their beloved ATLiens’ last stop on their reunion tour this weekend at "ATLast," a three-day festival at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park, a local cyclist group put their own spin on critical mass with the “Outkast Routecast” project.

For the tribute ride, 40 Atlantans wrote the duo’s name on the city street schematic using a special GPS cellphone app. The Spindle bike shop shared about the homage on their page:

“In honor of Outkast’s ATLast show in Atlanta, The Spindle bike shop brought together 40 local cyclists on June 6, 2014, for a one-of-a-kind ride. Using a phone app that traced their route onto a map, the group wrote the name of the ATLiens using their bikes and the streets of Atlanta. It is displays like this that prove Outkast fans are the best in the world."

The rappers born Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton will perform for their hometown fans in the very same landmark park that housed the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

The legendary rap group, who dropped their iconic debut LP Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik 20 years ago, traveled the world, brokecountless Billboard records, and came back home to stand on the awards podium to take their last bow.