11 Muppets You Wouldn't Invite To A New Year's Eve Party

You should never meet your heroes.

Muppets are the ultimate party animals and often a nostalgic throwback during the holiday season, which begs the question, “Why wouldn’t you invite them to any party?” Well, like with people, just because you’re a fan of them doesn’t mean you want to invite them into your home for drinking, dancing and yelling.

Consider your favorite Muppets as the worst kind of people at a party. This might give you perspective on who not to invite to your shindig in real life.

Fozzie Bear


Fozzie is the embodiment of a very specific feeling - the feeling of discomfort you get when someone is trying too hard and failing to be funny. Any party to him is just another awkward audience, and you want him to Wocka Wocka Wocka his way out of your place.

The Swedish Chef

Sure his accent is charming, but what he lacked in communication skills he made up for in his ability to terrorize small animals. Seriously, he murdered Miss Piggy's dog, that could get real weird at a party.



Sure, why not invite the guy who's undergone extreme scientific experimentation and testing. Oh, and you can't understand him or his needs either? Cool. That wont be a liability at all.

Rowlf The Dog

We all know the guy - he doesn't talk at all the entire night, then decides to play the piano and take all the attention away from the people actually trying to engage in conversation. This quality is only attractive in a person if you're trying to sleep with them.

Statler and Waldorf

This two for one deal on curmudgeons seems like it would be great entertainment at a party, until you become the target of a constant and unwanted roast. They can dish it out but they can't take it, mostly because they never shut up long enough to let you try. It's not the best party trick when you break it down.

Sam The Eagle


Sam is even worse than Statler and Waldorf because he has no sense of humor. He's a snob who will put himself up on a moral pedestal and shame everyone at the party for having fun. At least he wont hate you any less for not inviting him.

Dr. Teeth


Maybe it's his grill, maybe it's the fact that he totally didn't go to medical school, maybe it's the name Dr. Teeth, but there's something about this guy that's not trustworthy. He seems like he'd go through your medicine cabinet and creep out all of your friends.

Crazy Harry


The most important rule when it comes to throwing parties is don't invite a sociopath with a love for explosions, especially if they have crazy in their name. Just don't.

Miss Piggy


She's worse than just a pig, she's a diva who will ruin your party by making it all about her. Her need for the spotlight combined with her temper tantrums make her seem like a Real Housewives wannabe, and the way she treats Kermit is not always great.


Kermit is a classic example of a good guy who would be a great hang, if only he stood up for himself more often. Seeing him get pushed around by Miss Piggy is hard to watch, and you don't want to watch someone you like take that abuse, especially at a party.



When someone shows up needing to be chained up, you know it's not going to be the holiday party you planned for. That's just how animal rolls, with his violent outbursts canceling out his rocker charm. This party boy seems like he could be fun, but only under very specific conditions - like in a padded room, or someone else's apartment.

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