Tinder Made Easy -- Let A Robot Hand Do The Swiping For You

You won't have to lift a finger.

That moment when swiping left and right is just too much effort for one Tinder session -- wait, is that an actual thing?

Because New York University grad student Nichole He has come up with a solution for it: The True Love Tinder Robot.

As a final project for two of her fall 2015 classes -- Intro to Physical Computing and Intro to Computational Media classes for NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program -- Nicole designed a robot which "reads the change in your galvanic skin response over a period of time" (read: uses fancy science stuff) to help you determine whether you *really* wanna swipe left or right on profiles ... and then it proceeds to do so for you.

On her website, He explains, "This project explores the idea that the computer knows us better than we know ourselves, and therefore it has better authority on who we should date than we do. In a direct way, the True Love Tinder Robot makes the user confront what it feels like to let computers make intimate decisions for us."

In the video preview of He's prototype, the TLTR greets its user with "Hello, human. I am the True Love Tinder Robot. I'm going to help you find love. You can trust me because I am [a] robot. Let us begin."

Then, as the profile matches review period begins, the demonstration shows the device swiping right or left based on the physiological response to prompts like, "Look at this person ... Judge this person."

Obviously, there's a bit of sarcasm in play here, but He insists this is "definitely, absolutely, 100% no doubt" scientific.

The Tinder hand robot will be showcased at the ITP Winter Show on Dec. 20th and 21st, so if you want to try your hand, so to speak, swipe right on that opportunity.

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