'Siesta Key''s Madisson Hausburg And Ish Soto Are Engaged

The lovebirds revealed their news at the first-ever series reunion

Madisson Hausburg and Ish Soto just made Siesta Key history: The couple is engaged! Yes, "I'm going to freak out!"

The future Mr. and Mrs., who are the first lovebirds from the show to embark on life together as husband and wife, revealed their life-changing news during tonight's inaugural reunion. How did the two -- who met during Season 1 of the series when he was a producer on the show and disclosed their romance on the Season 3 premiere to quite the reaction -- unveil their news? It began with host Jeannie Mai posing this question to Madisson: "You were very adamant that you wanted to settle down with Ish and start a family. Are you any closer to your dream life?"

"I don't know why don't you show them," Ish responded, as Madisson gleefully flashed her ring.


The announcement was met with gasps (Amanda with a priceless "No!!!") and enthusiasm (Kelsey with her arms raised and a simple "Finally!"). And a grinning Juliette asking, "How did it happen?"

"So we bought our house, and then it was the first day that we spent in our house together," Madisson disclosed. "I was taking a selfie or something, and I turn around, and he's on one knee. It was perfect."

But before the duo dished on their big life update, Madisson addressed the questions fans had about their age difference and the struggles of dating long-distance.

"I think that when you find someone you love, you go through those hurdles, and you don't let them break you up," Madisson said. "The hardest part re-watching this season was no one got to see us happy. Everyone just got to see us struggling."

But this is truly "happy" news! Offer your congrats to Madisson and Ish in the comments, and stay with MTV News for all Siesta Key information -- nuptials-related articles included!

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