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'From Bad To Cursed' Book Trailer Gives Us The Creeps -- In A Good Way

Katie Alender's "Bad Girls Don't Die" series might just be the most intriguing YA series you haven't been reading. And with a plot revolving around kick-ass girls coming face-to-face with supernatural goings-on, it kind of screams "screen adaptation!" Before you groan at the prospect of more drawn out casting announcements and trailers that tease (we're looking at you, "Hunger Games" and "Twilight"), take comfort that, for the newest installment, "From Bad to Cursed," Katie has a little screen morsel prepared to give us a taste of what that film version could look like.

In case you missed the first book, just know that it involves punky teen Alexis' ordeal when her little sister, Kasey, becomes weirdly obsessed with an antique doll...and starts speaking like she's from the past and blacking out. It's Creep City—check it out.

"From Bad to Cursed" (out today) picks up when things seem to be getting back to normal. Kasey is being social and making friends who are as dorky and antisocial as she is—"The Sunshine Club." But when Kasey and company go from drab to fab pretty much overnight, Alexis decides to investigate the club first hand. Turns out the club is your basic spirit-worshiping cult, but why say no when a spirit wants to make you beautiful and popular? Nothing could go wrong there, right?

The book trailer (which stars Zendaya from Disney Channel's "Shake It Up!") gives us a glimpse into the pressure beneath the perfection of the girls from "The Sunshine Club." What is that stuff on her back? Liquid spirit? We have a strong urge to shower just looking at it, but we have to say, we're also pretty psyched to see how Alexis gets out of this one, since she seems to be in the thick of the trouble this time around.

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