Karrueche Went As Lil Kim For Halloween -- And Kim Loved It

Inspired by the 'Crush on You' video.

Dressing up as a rapper is a pretty fail-safe approach to Halloween. They often have very specific looks, or iconic moments that can be reimagined.

Karrueche found one ready to be brought to life with Lil Kim's "Crush on You" video. The jam, off of the Queen Bee's 1996 debut album Hard Core, featured Kim in a blue wig, blue dress and blue fur coat. And that was all Karrueche needed to crush this costume last night.

She was rolling with another rapper, too -- or, at least, someone dressed up like Fetty Wap (who will probably be the most mimicked rapper this year).

And the all blue everything already became a meme.

Maybe the best moment of it all? Kim approved.

Yup. Karrueche got the stamp of approval from the rapper she dressed up as. Keep that in mind as you're getting ready to step out as your favorite MC this weekend. The bar has been set.