What's Kendall Jenner Got To Do With Jaden Smith's New EP?

Listen to the ¿Teo?-assisted 'Prakruti'.

By Andres Tardio

What do you do if you’re Jaden Smith and you’re in love with someone like, say, Kendall Jenner? You make her an EP, of course. At least, that's what Jaden said on Twitter when he announced that his new project with ¿Téo?, Prakruti, was dedicated to the recent birthday girl.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Jaden and Kendall are a "thing." Maybe the lyrics will tell us something?

On “Preach,” Jaden keeps us guessing about his young love life with one line in particular: "Biggest question... Do he have a girlfriend?” Smith raps on the track. “Um... Well, I don’t know.”

But, wait! Our search doesn't end there. On November 2, one day before the EP's drop date, Jaden said that Kendall had to approve of all of the songs before he would release them.

Based on her retweet on Wednesday, the burgeoning high fashion model was a big fan of the tracks.

Jaden has a lot of love for the Jenner fam. His rumored former girlfriend Kylie co-starred in the young MC's recent video for "Blue Ocean", and she may or may not have gotten a song dedication of her own on "Fast."

Listen to Jaden and ¿Téo?'s Prakruti EP below.