Gigi Hadid Somehow Finds Time To Be On Another 'Vogue' Cover

She spends her time very wisely, apparently

Gigi Hadid is busy. From shooting campaigns with Maybelline to designing clothes with Tommy Hilfiger to walking every runway she can possibly walk, it's hard to imagine she has time to do anything else. But somehow she does, and with that slice of spare time, Gigi spends it shooting international Vogue covers.

In between Snapchatting her high-fashion adventures, Gigi posted her German Vogue cover to Instagram, where she's described as a "Model Phänomen," which I'm guessing translates to "model phenomenon" since 1) they are spelled basically the same, and 2) what other way can you describe a human like Gigi Hadid? And just when you think you can't love her even more, Gigi wears next to no make up on the cover and still looks fresh to death. A phänomen indeed.