Selena Gomez Literally Crumpled Fans’ Jelena Dreams

Stop trying to make Jelena happen

After Justin Bieber's spree of uploading throwback pics with ex Selena Gomez on Instagram earlier this year, Jelena fans wondered: Was the pop couple finally getting back together? (Or was Bieber being a creepy ex?) Gomez apparently commenting "perfect" on a kissing pic only helped fuel the fire -- and then it became the most-liked photo in Instagram's history.

But despite Selena telling W magazine in February, "I'm so exhausted … I honestly am so done. I care about [Bieber's] health and well-being. But I can’t do it anymore," fans still refused to let Jelena die. Like one at a weekend Revival tour stop, who made a "Marry Justin Please" sign.

After Gomez spotted it in the crowd, though, she took it onstage and crumpled the sign (and fans' dreams) to death and tossed it aside.

Gomez's act leaves no interpretation as to how she feels about Jelena being revived — and she's been making it clear to everyone for months now. It's high time we leave Jelena in the past and focus on both of their separate futures. R.I.P., Jelena, once and for all. Probably.

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