Justin Bieber Is Really Proud Of This Beaded Necklace He Made Hailey

'I made her necklace'

Justin and Hailey Bieber were recently married in a lavish ceremony where Hailey's dress was one of the most extra things we've seen this side of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's union.

That's why this handmade necklace that Justin made on his own for Hailey is so touching.

In a recent Instagram post, the 25-year-old shared a snap of Hailey wearing both her diamond necklace that reads "Wifey" as well as a yellow and brownish-black beaded necklace. The "Wifey" necklace isn't new (and is absolutely not a part of the beaded choker), but they look kind of cute together. You can see the chain from the smaller necklace peeking out of the sides.

"I made her necklace," Bieber captioned the photo. True, it may be a bit of a clash between aesthetics, but how cute is it that Justin took the time to make her a fun little handmade gift? We're not sure about you, but there's something romantic about this gift that transcends the lavish trips and honeymoons and the million-dollar houses. At the end of the day, your partner makes something for you, proving you were on their mind. You thought about them. And in the end, special thoughts and sentiments like those are what relationships are built on.

Still, the beaded necklace is a far cry from the diamonds Justin bought Hailey for their special day, including two wedding bands from Tiffany & Co. in the form of the Tiffany Soleste band in 18k gold with diamonds and the Tiffany Soleste V ring in 18k gold with diamonds as well. Justin splurged on a new watch for himself as well. It's safe to say the two won't be wanting for gorgeous accessories in the near future, but if Justin wants to continue making these fun pieces for Hailey, we'll just be over here basking in the glow of how adorable their relationship really is.