Jake Gyllenhaal And Taylor Swift Get Ice Cream! We Swoon!

The duo reportedly visited McConnell's ice cream shop where "Taylor laughed at everything Jake said," a witness explained. "At one point, she measured herself against Jake on her tiptoes." A staff member added, "They looked at all the flavors and couldn't decide, so they asked the counter girls for help." Their mood was described as "happy" and "friendly." They also "smiled a ton."

"Taylor was very interested in what I was doing in the back making ice cream and said, 'Wow, you guys are legit!'" the staffer further recalled. As for what they dined on: Taylor had yogurt with rainbow sprinkles, while Jakey went for Swiss chocolate chip. Who paid? Jake! What. A. Gentleman.

Guess what? They even posed for pics when a fan approached them. They "happily obliged" to take some after they spent 20 minutes at the ice cream shop.

Taylor may have refused to confirm or deny a relationship with Jake during a chat with Ellen DeGeneres, but an ice cream date doesn't sound like nothing to us!

What do you think about this latest ice cream date, Crushers? Are the two totally a couple, or what?

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