Would Lindsay Lohan Be Helped By A Conservatorship?

Troubled actress' family reportedly looking into taking over her affairs.

It looks like troubled actress Lindsay Lohan might be borrowing a page out of the Britney Spears playbook. Much like Spears, who emerged from a troubled period of erratic behavior, legal problems and forced hospitalization thanks to a strict conservatorship overseen by her father, Lohan's family is reportedly considering putting a similar program in place to help her get her stalled career, and life, back on track in light of her latest trip to rehab.

Spears began to emerge from a dangerous career spiral in early 2008 when [article id="1580840"]her father was named conservator of her estate[/article], giving him control over the management of her personal and financial affairs, as well as her health care. In Spears' case, that power extends to hiring security guards, removing people from his daughter's residence, approving or revoking contracts on her behalf and having access to her medical records and limiting who can visit her in the hospital.

CNN reported Thursday (September 30) that following [article id="1648894"]Lohan's decision to check into rehab[/article] this week in the wake of her recent [article id="1648247"]jailing for a failed drug test[/article], her estranged father, Michael Lohan, is considering a similar program. Michael was slated to meet with a lawyer on Thursday as preparation for an appearance before the judge in Lindsay's case to ask that he give approval for two conservators to assume control over Lindsay's day-to-day affairs.

In the typical chaos that surrounds the fractured Lohan family, though, Michael was reportedly rushing to file conservatorship papers before his ex-wife, Dina Lohan, and Lindsay's manager, Lou Taylor (who has also worked with Britney), file their own request to serve as Lindsay's conservators.

"Since Dina and Lou are going to try to be co-conservators, I had a choice of fighting it or petitioning for the purpose of appointing two conservators who don't have an interest in Lindsay's money, but rather her as a person and human being," Michael Lohan said. His plan calls for one conservator to oversee Lindsay's finances and another to handle the more personal aspects of her life, from what she eats and wears to where she lives and who she can associate with.

"I just want Lindsay's life and career to be guided by people who are in it with their hearts, not their hands," Michael Lohan said.

Lindsay checked into rehab in Southern California on Monday and is expected to remain there until a [article id="1648267"]probation violation hearing[/article] on October 22, at which point it's possible a judge could send her back to jail for the positive drug test, which violates the terms of the actress' probation.

[article id="1649067"]Spears was back in court herself[/article] Thursday for a meeting with a judge to review the status of her conservatorship. TMZ reported that the brief meeting resulted in Judge Reba Goetz saying that "at this time, all orders will remain in full force and effect."

By most accounts, Spears has thrived under the reportedly very strict measure enforced by her father, Jamie, in her conservatorship, getting her musical career back on track and mounting one of the [article id="1632836"]most successful tours of 2009[/article].

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