Movies Streaming This Week: 'Lincoln,' 'On The Road,' 'Room 237' & More

The new releases streaming and on TV include Daniel Day-Lewis’ Oscar-winning performance as Honest Abe in "Lincoln," Bill Murray is a little less honest as FDR in "Hyde Park on Hudson," watch Kristen Stewart get wild and crazy in a beatnik kind of way in "On The Road" and for Kubrick fans rejoice in the riddle that is "The Shining" with the documentary "Room 237," which highlights some of the more zanier theories of what this classic horror is really about.

Plus: Check out some of the top free movies available On Demand.



Steven Spielberg’s in-depth look at the 16th president’s intense determination to get the emancipation proclamation passed by Congress is highlighted by Daniel Day-Lewis’ portrayal as a soft-spoken, long-winded storytelling Lincoln whose forward thinking unites a nation split in two.

Why Watch It: A masterclass in acting by all involved.

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'On The Road'

Decades in development by Francis Ford Coppola (who has a executive producer credit on the film), Walter Salles (no stranger to road movies having directed "The Motorcycle Diaries") takes the reigns in this adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s landmark work about a young writer’s (Sam Riley) road trip with two free spirits (Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart).

Why Watch It: Fans of Kerouac will be pleased and everyone else will enjoy Stewart's, um, revealing performance.

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'Hyde Park On Hudson'

Bill Murray takes on perhaps his most challenging role yet as he plays President Franklin Roosevelt. The film focuses on one of FDR’s skeletons, his love affair with his distant cousin (Laura Linney).

Why Watch It: Maybe not Murray’s most memorable roll, but an interesting performance.

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'Parental Guidance'

The latest family comedy headlined by Billy Crystal follows the funnyman alongside Bette Midler as grandparents who watch over their grandkids and must deal with the behavior of the modern-day child.

Why Watch It: Think of it as "Parenthood" but with an older protagonist and cruder kids.

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'Room 237'

Currently in theaters, Rodney Ascher’s distinctive documentary looks at numerous theories people have of hidden meanings buried inside Stanley Kubrick’s "The Shining," including the film supposed focus on the Holocaust to Kubrick’s admission that he staged the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Why Watch It: Made up entirely of clips from "The Shining," "Room 237" is unlike any film you’ll see this year.

Available On [3/29]: Cable On Demand

'Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey'

This rags to riches tale follows Arnel Pineda, a Filipino singer who after becoming a YouTube sensation belting out Journey songs in the Philippines is plucked by the group to be its lead singer.

Why Watch It: Interesting first-hand look at Pineda’s rise to stardom and pressures of being the face of a legendary band.

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Top Free Movies On Demand

Here’s some of the popular free titles on your On Demand: John Sturges’ Western remake of Akira Kurosawa’s "Seven Samurai," "The Magnificent Seven;" Mel Brooks spoofs everything from "Star Wars" to "Plant of the Apes" in "Spaceballs;" William Friedkin’s intense cop drama "To Live & Die In LA;" and Terry Gilliam’s trippy time travel thriller "Twelve Monkeys."

'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective'

In the film that made Jim Carrey a star, he plays a wacky detective who’s main expertise is finding lost animals. His biggest challenge comes when the Miami Dolphins mascot is stolen.

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Jake Gyllenhaal plays a gung-ho Marine who is shipped off to Desert Storm but as the operation ends before most of the troops can find action, we find ourselves in a different kind of war movie, one with kids waiting to get theirs.

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