Kim Kardashian Weighs In On Justin Bieber Photo Controversy

'Everyone's loved it. It was all in fun,' she says, responding to Bill O'Reilly's criticism of 'Graduate'-inspired shoot.

If only Justin Bieber were 18, then he might have a shot at scoring a date with his pal and [article id="1645488"]Elle photo-shoot partner, Kim Kardashian[/article]. When the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star stopped by "Lopez Tonight" on Tuesday night, she admitted that if their age difference wasn't so large (she's 29, he's 16), she might be attracted to the chart-topping, mop-headed pop singer.

"If he was of legal age, I said Justin Bieber has, like, this swag to him," she said, according to

tely_date.html" target="_blank">E! Online. "You just have to meet him. He definitely has this swag to him."

While the "Graduate"-inspired photo shoot of the pair frolicking on the beach seems pretty harmless, TV pundit Bill O'Reilly found the photos inappropriate and

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For her part, Kardashian doesn't see the controversy in the photos. "I thought that the shoot was all in fun. We had a good time," she said on "Lopez." "Everyone's entitled to their own opinion on it, but we were just having a good time and the amazing creative team at Elle magazine obviously thought it was a great shoot. Everyone's loved it.

It was all in fun.'

Bieber, however, may have some competition. Kardashian teases that there might already be someone special in her life. She said, "You never know. Maybe someone has [come into my life]. You never know."

Earlier this year, when he stopped by [article id="1646048"]VMA host Chelsea Handler[/article]'s talk show, "Chelsea Lately," Bieber admitted he wouldn't mind [article id="1635325"]scoring a date with the reality starlet[/article]. "Well, I mean, she actually said, or Kim said, 'I think Justin Bieber should date my sister,' " he recalled of Kardashian trying to set up Biebs with her younger sister. "And I was like, 'I think I should date you.' "

Handler may have summed it up best when she quipped, "Basically, what's happening is, you made it OK to flirt with underage people."

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