Watch Lauren Conrad Explain Why She Cut Her Hair Three Times In A Month

We have been keeping a close eye on Lauren Conrad's hair lately—but then when do we not, TBH?—because every time we turn around, she's chopped off more. The first chop came three weeks ago and she hasn't looked back since. Multiple cuts were planned, LC told E! News last night—she and her stylist, Kristin Ess, decided to do it slowly so she wouldn't "freak out."

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Why would she freak out when it looks that good, you wonder? Well, Lauren explained, long hair had acted as "a security blanket" for her in the past and she was, y'know, scared to lose it. Sure, a dramatic chop is daunting, but I'd do it every day of the week if the result was as ~kyewt~ as LC's messy bob.

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It seems as though this length was the originally planned result, but we wouldn't put it past Lauren to change it up yet again. With no wedding to plan for, she says, she's ready for a change. An even shorter change, perhaps?! We'll see!

You can watch the clip on E's website—be sure to check out that short 'do in action.

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