Stove From 'Bridesmaids' Was One Of The Earliest YouTube Viral Stars

Before he was an 'appliance,' Mitch Silpa was a famous magician.

The world met Steve Stove the flight attendant almost five years ago in arguably the funniest scene of Bridesmaids.

Stove, a straight-faced, no-nonsense kind of dude, held his ground when Kristen Wiig went on a drunken rant and caused an uproar, getting herself and her friends kicked off the plane.

And while actor Mitch Silpa's known for his work in other movies, such as, The Heat, Spy, and Along Came Polly, he was actually a viral YouTube star in 2006.

Silpa was the one and only David Blaine in the YouTube edition of David Blaine Street Magic, a parody of the 1996 documentary David Blaine: Street Magic. Look familiar?

ThoseLilRabbits / YouTube

David Blaine Street Magic

The first video (there are four official videos from ThoseLilRabbits) was such a viral hit for 2006 standards, it's been viewed over 39 million times. The second vid has over 16 million views.

If you've ever heard someone say, "You shrunk my Honda, you bitch," or watch them freak out about Cheez-Its, you can thank this series.

I watched these on YouTube many, many times back in the day, but never recognized Stove as David Blaine. Needless to say, my mind was thoroughly blown. If/when Bridesmaids 2 ever happens and Stove gets to make a comeback, please, please let him do that iconic stare-into-your-soul look.

ThoseLilRabbits/YouTube / Universal Pictures

Mitch Silpa

Interestingly, Silpa rarely gets recognized for that role, despite being one of the earliest YouTube viral sensations ever. In an interview with The Benshi, Silpa admitted that two VIPs in the film industry knew about his ~magical~ past.

"I’m always surprised anyone ever even knows it was me [in David Blaine] — I was wearing a hat, a wig, and a drawn-on mustache. It’s weird how things are connected — even getting the part in Bridesmaids — both the director Paul Feig and the producer Judd Apatow — they knew the David Blaine video, so when Kristen Wiig recommended me they were like, 'Oh, that guy, okay.'"

Naturally, Tumblr has some great memes of Silpa's David Blaine that'll make you shout, "What the eff?!"