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'Teen Mom OG''s Farrah Describes What It's Like To Move Back In With Her Dad

Is the young mother getting along with her father Michael?

Farrah left her teen roots several years ago when she moved out of her parents' home. But during this week's Teen Mom OG episode, the young mother and Sophia -- plus their pets (puppies and mini-horse Starburst) -- temporarily found themselves under the same roof as Farrah's father Michael. The reason: Farrah rented out her Austin residence while she and her loved ones get ready to head out west to Los Angeles.

"She is taking over the whole house -- the whole yard too," the grandfather told Farrah's producer Kristen, while showing off his daughter's belongings (which were being kept in garbage bags). "My OCD does kick in, but it's all good," he adds (as seen in the video above).

But how would Farrah describe residing with Michael and his girlfriend Amy?

"I wouldn't really choose to live with my dad, but it seemed to be the best option," the entrepreneur disclosed to MTV News. "At times, I can't believe I moved back in with him, but I also think it's so great that we have this time together. Normally we are so busy, so I wouldn't get to see him."

Will this living situation continue to be smooth sailing for the Abraham clan? Follow Farrah and her fam every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c.