Amy Winehouse Arrested And Charged With Assault

Singer was released on bail after an incident at an English theater.

Troubled British singer [artist id="1742872"]Amy Winehouse[/artist] was back in familiar surroundings on Wednesday when she was arrested and charged in connection with an alleged assault that occurred on Saturday at an English theater.

According to the Associated Press, Winehouse, 26, turned herself in to Thames Valley Police on Wednesday and was promptly arrested after appearing at the police station with her lawyer.

Police charged Winehouse with a public order offense and common assault under her married name, Amy Civil, following an alleged incident at the Milton Keynes Theatre on Saturday. Though police did not provide details of the alleged event, the British media have reported that Winehouse struggled with a member of the theater's staff after she began to heckle a performance of the show "Cinderella," starring Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney.

The Times Online reported that Winehouse was interacting with the show a bit too enthusiastically, repeatedly shouting "he's f---ing behind you!" during the program and referring to the ugly stepsisters as "bitches."

Police reportedly launched the investigation after theater manager Richard Pound complained that Winehouse had pulled his hair, punched him and kicked him when he asked her to move seats.

Winehouse was released on bail and has to return to court on January 20.

The Grammy-winning singer has been mostly out of the public eye for the past year due to struggles with drugs and various legal entanglements, including a July [article id="1616361"]divorce from husband Blake Fielder-Civil[/article]. In March, she [article id="1607135"]pleaded not guilty to assaulting a fan[/article] last September at a show, [article id="1616911"]gaining acquittal in that case[/article] in July. She is reportedly working on her follow up to breakthrough album Back to Black and made a [article id="1619308"]surprise appearance at the V Festival[/article] in the U.K. in August.

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