Depeche Mode Singer Goes Public About His Alleged Suicide

According to a report in Globe magazine, Depeche Mode lead singer,

David Gahan talked about the events that led up to his alleged suicide

attempt, insisting that he wasn't trying to kill himself, but did allow that

he was depressed after experiencing a string of personal tragedies--the

breakup of his marriage, and a fallow period in his career. Gahan admitted

that "I drank a bottle of wine and swallowed a handful of Valium. That

combination is really stupid. I walked into the bathroom and saw a razor

blade and slashed it across my wrists real hard. It was a spur of the moment

thing. I cut real deep, so I couldn't even feel my fingers anymore."

According to the report, the accident occurred a week after Gahan checked out

of the Sierra Tucson rehab clinic in Tucson, Arizona--his second visit there.

Adding insult to injury, when he returned to Los Angels, he found that his

house had been broken into. "I lost everything. I planned to slash my wrist

that night. I was angry at how mean people can be. My home was an empty


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