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Paramore Will Go 'Live From MTV' Today!

Band will take over for an exclusive performance and interview Monday at 5 p.m. ET.

Paramore are celebrating the release of their [article id="1704620"]brand-new album[/article] by taking over the MTV Newsroom on Monday ... for an exclusive performance and interview -- not to mention a few special surprises.

We're calling it [article id="1705007"]"Paramore: Live From MTV"[/article], and it airs live on Monday (April 8) at 5 p.m. ET ... oh, and just in case you can't remember that info, well, Paramore were nice enough to provide this handy reminder for you:

After their performance, Paramore will sit down with MTV News' James Montgomery for an in-depth interview about the making of their [article id="1698436"]self-titled album[/article], and will answer questions from our live studio audience and Twitter. There's still time to submit your Qs for the band by tweeting @MTVNews using the hashtag #AskParamore, and MTV Buzzworthy blog managing editor Tamar Anitai will select the best to use during the show!

Paramore -- the band's fourth album -- hits stores on April 9, and the band is also gearing up to premiere the video for the record's second single, "Still Into You," which they [article id="1704812"]shot last month[/article] in Austin, Texas. Both the song and the album are bold departures for the band, though. As Hayley Williams explained to MTV News, they're heading out on a new journey this time around, and they couldn't be more thrilled for fans to join them on the ride.

"I'm not one to write a lot of love songs, so it surprised me," she said of "Still." "And we got to the chorus, I remember asking Taylor [York] 'Is this too poppy? Can I do this? Can I sing it like this?' And I remember Taylor saying 'Well, do you like it?' And I was like 'I love it!' And he said 'Well, then who cares? Do it anyway!'

"That's sort of a testament to how the entire writing and recording process went, if we liked something and we believed in it, we did it," she continued. "We didn't back down from it just because it was different or something we hadn't tried before."

Don't miss "Paramore: Live From MTV," this Monday at 5 p.m. ET on!

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